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A century of forward thinking gave rise to FandI office, products of today

In this special section, Automotive News sheds light on a few of the countless people and companies that helped shape the modern dealership FandI office....

The industry's future reads like a science-fiction novel

Discussing the future, even with Jim Lentz of highly successful Toyota, can be a deeply disorienting task....

The birth of a captive finance company

GMAC, launched in 1919, became the model for the modern captive finance company and helped popularize the idea of mass-market consumer financing....

Sloan: Willys-Overland first to fill credit 'vacuum'

GM wasnt the first car company to figure out its customers and dealers needed a finance source they could rely on and do something about it. That honor goes to Willys-Overland Motor Co....

Credit insurance pioneer still a player

It has long been said that the I in FandI refers to credit insurance, arguably the first add-on product sold in dealerships finance and insurance offices. One of the products earliest providers, Central States Health and Life Co....

Software giant Reynolds big in forms, too

Reynolds and Reynolds has grown into a dealership software giant that #8212; among other things #8212; is a leading supplier of retail installment sales contracts, consumer lease agreements and other support documents that are federally and state......

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