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Association asks Mercer to study auction of the future

The National Auto Auction Association has tapped Glenn Mercer to study the wholesale auction of the future.img src= height=1 width=1 alt=/...

Carvana: Cars in vending machines, a fading IPO and an ex-con behind them

Who wants to buy a used car from a vending machine Investors will get some answers on Tuesday when Carvana releases its first earnings report since going public.img src=

Auction goes digital after Mass. tragedy

One auction will soon no longer have vehicles enter its building during auctions.img src= height=1 width=1 alt=/...

Online auction ACV adds 8 markets

ACVs expansion to eight additional markets shows that, despite the collapse of Beepi, there are still other startups seeking to find a niche in the remarketing world.img src=

Will Facebook be the next big thing in online used-car ads?

Facebook has the potential to be a major force in used-car sales with a new feature called Marketplace, which eases concerns about dealing with strangers.img src=

CPO sales flat year-over-year

U.S. certified pre-owned sales at the largest automakers have risen just 0.2% through April, bogged down in large part by significant declines at 3 of the 4 largest players.img src=

Mini offers dealers bonuses for more used-car sales

Mini executives want the brands U.S. dealerships to pursue used-car sales with more vigor, so theyre offering bonuses to dealerships that hit used-volume targets.img src=