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Explained: The Difference Between Lambda and AFR

Lambda and AFR are two paths to the same destination. However, understanding the difference can save time and maximize efficiency...

Controlling Boost - Under Pressure

Theres more than one way to tame that boost; learn which one is right for you...

Should You Buy An R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R?

Owning a R32 GT-R might seem like a dream but there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Learn how to fix them and, better yet, avoid some of them....

Basic Maintenance - Assuming the Worst

Just bought a used hooptie off of Craigslist Make sure to cover a few bases to keep any expensive problems from popping up....

FF Battle 8 - The Answer is Always Honda

90s Hondas are cool, but there are a lot of reasons why they continue to rule just about any FWD-based track event...

Spoon Sports USA/GoTuning Civic FD Time Attack Rebuild Pt III

More progress on the Spoon Sports USA/GoTuning Unlimited Civic FD sedan Time Attack rebuild...

Paint Scratch Remover - Air - sku 00070-US sku

Paint Scratch Remover - 00070-US by Quixx

Item description: This Air Scratch Removers product is by Quixx - Formulated to help remove scuffs, scrapes and scratches from paint surfaces. Certified by the TUV inspection agency. Two-step process for quick and easy application. Product Features:Helps remove scratches from paint finishesEasy, 2-step application process requires no machinesCan be used on most paint colorsIncludes all necessary partsContains no VOCs... Learn More

Manufacturer: Quixx

Category: Scratch Removers


See the Price of Paint Scratch Remover

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