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Suppliers' factories could aid medical push

Suppliers are scrambling to evaluate what tooling, worker retraining and quality control assurance they need to start producing medical items quickly. ...

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Emergency request for ventilators to test auto industry's supply chains

Automakers might seem unlikely candidates to build ventilators for coronavirus victims. But in fact they may be quite well-suited to churn out the highly intricate medical devices that are in critically short supply. ...

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Toyota begins making 3D-printed face shields for med workers

Toyota Motor North America said it had made an initial batch of 300 face shields for medical workers in Texas, Indiana, Kentucky and Michigan, and expected to produce up to 50,000 by next week for distribution. ...

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Trump signs $2 trillion virus relief bill after House passage

The unprecedented stimulus package provides about $500 billion in loans and assistance for big companies and a separate pot of about $350 billion for small businesses loans. The auto industry did not seek a specific bailout. ...

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FCA Transport worker dies of COVID-19

The death of a man employed by FCA Transport in Sterling Heights, Mich., marks the fourth coronavirus-related death of a UAW member working at Fiat Chrysler. ...

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Mexico's auto industry seeks delay of USMCA content rules

Mexicos automakers and parts suppliers, citing a lack of clarity about content rules that would allow companies to adjust supply chains, as well as disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, are lobbying for key rules in the new North American trade pact to be implemented in 2021 instead of June 1 as scheduled. ...

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Daimler seeks over $11 billion credit line to weather crisis, report says

The move is part of a range of measures to shore up the financial muscle of the maker of Mercedes-Benz cars and trucks during the coronavirus crisis. ...

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