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The latest numbers on the microchip shortage: Chinese, N.A. plants pinched

Several Chinese auto plants have cut production plans because of the ongoing microchip shortage. ...

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Industry's impact is underappreciated

No industry has had a greater impact on America, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor. ...

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Reptiles scale back pace for Tesla plant in Germany

Snakes and lizards are complicating construction of afactory that is already reportedly at least six months behind schedule. ...

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No jab, no job' must be new industry policy

The auto industry must lead the rest of the economy by requiring vaccinations against COVID-19for employees who are medically able to take one. ...

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Next step for EVs: Design batteries to strengthen auto bodies, extend range

What engineers call structural batteries hold the promise of lighter weight and greater energy efficiency -- resulting in driving ranges between charges that are nearly double the 326 miles of a Tesla Model Y. ...

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GM to add trailering, automatic lane change to Super Cruise

The latest version of the driver-assist technology will debut on the GMC Hummer EV pickup this year before expanding to five other 2022 models. ...

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Supplier ZF wins $6 billion axle contract, will hire 250 in Michigan

The German supplier, which has its North American headquarters in suburban Detroit, said it will produce solid beam axles for pickups, SUVs and performance sedans until 2027. ...

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