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Unifor confident with Canada at crossroads

Union President Jerry Dias says he expects to maintain jobs during 2020 Detroit 3 labor talks. Analysts, meanwhile, forecast Canadian production to fall in the coming years. ...

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Virus sparks another China crisis

Global travel restrictions could jeopardize automotive projects in China, especially in the industry hub of Wuhan, the epicenter of the coronavirus.  ...

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Automakers, Trump face new pressure on mileage rules

An influential Democratic senator said the administrations latest draft plan for fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for autos, which is now being reviewed by the White House, fails to deliver many of the benefits promised when it was initially proposed in 2018. ...

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Toyota credit outlook lowered by Moody?s on industry challenges

The outlook was changed to negative from stable, Moodys said as it affirmed its Aa3 rating for the company -- the fourth-highest level. The Japanese giant has held that rating since 2011. ...

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Toyota moves production to maximize its N.A. efficiency

The company is in the middle of a five-year plan to spend $13 billion through 2021 on revitalizing and expanding its U.S., Canadian and Mexican plants and building new capacity. ...

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For Unifor, hard fight got harder

The Detroit 3 are expected to slash production in Canada during the course of their new deals with the UAW, giving Unifor less opportunity to protect its members in negotiations this fall. ...

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German protesters claim Tesla is 'stealing our water'

Politicians, unions and industry groups have welcomed Tesla to Germany, saying the automaker will bring jobs to the region, but environmental concerns drove hundreds of locals to the streets on Saturday. ...

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