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Bozzella: Uncertainty remains as automotive restart efforts pick up

The CEO of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation told the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation that supply chain challenges, consumer confidence and a weakened economy remain industry concerns. ...

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Mexico scrambles to meet U.S. need

Facing delicate economic conditions and steadily rising COVID-19 deaths, Mexicos auto industry is ramping up production to meet U.S. demand for parts and popular vehicles. ...

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Stage set for legal battle over fuel efficiency rules

A 23-state coalition is challenging the Trump administrations decision to lower annual increases in vehicle fuel efficiency through 2026. ...

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Ugly demand, meet ugly supply

The automotive market may be on an upward trajectory, but theres no question the industry is in a deep retraction with a long, hard road ahead. ...

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Virus disruptions get shorter at UAW plants

Each of the Detroit 3 has had cases of the virus within their plants since they reopened, but new guidance from the CDC allowed them to halt the assembly lines for less time than originally anticipated. ...

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Range Rover at 50: The birth of luxury SUVs

The legendary nameplate succeeded against the odds -- and changed the industry. ...

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Remote work will broaden talent pool, Toyota exec says

Chris Reynolds says that in addition to the profound impact COVID-19 has had on manufacturing, it may have opened the door for companies to draw from a broader pool of talent because of experiences with working remotely. ...

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