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Amazon's Zoox AV unit expands testing to Seattle

The startup will deploy a fleet of Toyota Highlander vehicles retrofitted with its sensor technology and autonomous-driving software. ...

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Apple's iPhone partner Foxconn unveils first EV concepts

The utility vehicleand sedan models are concept vehicles that the manufacturer plans to build for automotive customers rather than sell under its own brand. ...

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Maserati delays launch of Grecale SUV due to chip shortage

The Grecale will be positioned below the Maserati Levante and will compete with SUVs such as the Porsche Macan and BMW X3. ...

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Toyota to build U.S. battery plant, eventually localize EV production

The factory is expected to begin production in 2025, and it will eventually supply electric vehicles and hybrids built in the region. ...

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Detroiters hold their noses over Jeep plant

Stellantis said it has hired a third-party engineering firm to investigate the origin of the odors in the paint shop that residents who live west of the plant have reported smelling in recent weeks. ...

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4 ways to improve recall campaigns

It has become increasingly clear that traditional management needs a revamp -- to be more proactive, engaging, optimized, agile and data-driven. ...

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Tesla getting into bier biz

At the companys county fair outside the grounds of its future plant near Berlin, CEO Elon Musk announced plans to produce a beer called GigaBier. ...

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