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Leo Michael cartoon: X-terminating bedbugs

Workers at the Tesla Gigafactory in Buffalo, N.Y., shared videos of a bedbugs infestation with a local TV station and complained that a chemical Tesla used to deal with the issue has caused dizziness, nausea and eye irritation. ...

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Editorial: A bold gambit by Asian and European automakers, and a bolder one by UAW

The UAWs push to collectively organize the rest of the industry at once means tumult is likely to spread far beyond the Detroit area in the coming months. ...

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China's BYD, MG give 2024 Geneva auto show a boost

The presence of two big Chinese brands, BYD and MG Motor, could help to make up for the loss of some top automakers such as VW, Stellantis and BMW. ...

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The latest numbers on the microchip shortage: Pressure eases

Auto factories worldwide are encountering relatively few problems from microchip shortages as the year comes to a close. ...

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Automakers' EV hurdles self-made

Set up a reliable charging network, and the most serious hurdle EV automakers seem incapable of overcoming evaporates: range anxiety. ...

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Great Wall Motor's quirky model names give way to numbers under new strategy

The Chinese automakers Ora Funky Cat EV becomes the GWM Ora 03, and the Wey Coffee 01 plug-in hybrid will be called the GWM Wey 05. The changes are meant to make Great Walls lineup easier to understand. ...

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Battery startups see fundraising windfall in a niche beyond China's reach

Despite automakers delayed production plans and slowing EV growth, battery startups raised at least $5.2 billion from institutional investors this year, including $4.9 billion in August and September. ...

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